Either through Temporary Work, Recruitment and Selection or even Executive Search Grupo Epalmo is well experienced in finding the right person for each position. Our extensive database allows us to offer a tailored solution, based on the specifics mentioned by the client.
The advantage in using these services is that it enables you to focus on your core-business, increasing your performance without having to spare extra time with the process.


Outsourcing is becoming an essential tool to improve competitiveness and productivity. By entrusting Grupo Epalmo with the responsibility to manage activities and services you are transferring part of the risk to Grupo Epalmo which allows you to dedicate your full attention to your business.


As part of the outsourcing services Grupo Epalmo is able to provide the Expatriate Logistics is one of the most relevant.
By making use of a wide network of international partners this service is available in several geographical areas, being that Angola represents its largest market.
Displacing expatriate technicians can be rather complex and time consuming and Grupo Epalmo offers a range of solutions that can include the travel, meet and greet, in-country legalization, visa support, accommodation amongst others.

Cleaning Services


We all agree, Hygiene is fundamental in all industries, and it can be time-consuming for business owners and managers. To help you make your company more efficient, Grupo Epalmo, Offers cleaning teams, with all needed equipment in order to assure that your company space complies with all the top standards.

With more than 1.000 resumes from dedicated professionals, Grupo Epalmo, allows you to be 100% focused on your company.

Engineering / Construction


With years of experience in Construction, Grupo Epalmo has developed and tuned its know-how in recruitment, selection, and temporary work for engineering and constructions services. Grupo Epalmo is fully competent to be your partner and supply you with all the human resources needed for your ongoing or future projects. 

From, engineers, to carpenters, mason workers, electricians, metal workers, plumbers, machine operators, among others, Grupo Epalmo is available to help.

Contact Center - Human Resources and Operational Management


When developing your contact centre, it is paramount to work with the best available partner. Grupo Epalmo can assist you with the human resources management, with recruitment and selection of staff and with all the training and follow-up of the staff, as well as with the initial coordination and management of the contact centre. 

Grupo Epalmo multidisciplinary team is available to advise and help you with the development and implementation of the operational plan, tuning processes and management tools, that aim to improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided to your clients.

Being the Human Resources a key element for creating value inside all organizations, managing these resources is vital for every company.
Grupo Epalmo’s team of consultants is available to work with you in finding the best solutions for your individual situation.


With several teams of experienced technicians, Grupo Epalmo is well known for the works performed in the maintenance area, especially in the naval and metalmechanical industries.

Tourism, Hotels & Restaurants


Traditionally competitive, the tourism sector operates under constant pressure from deadlines, unpredictables and market fluctuations. With that in mind, Grupo Epalmo offers a specialized, recruitment and selection team. 

Having the right man in at the right time is fundamental. Either to address one-time needs or more stable positions, our team is available 7 days a week to help your business, because we know that in the tourism sector, every day is a business day.

Primary Sector - Farming


Grupo Epalmo has recently created a specialised team dedicated to recruitment and selection workers for the Agricultural sector. 

In order to help farmers with seasonability, Grupo Epalmo has developed a database with hundreds of specialised workers, that can assist farmers in their daily activities or during their high demand campaigns. From specialised workers in farm maintenance, to harvesting or preparing the land, we can assist you finding the right man.

Pharma & Chemical Labs.


In highly competitive and demanding market, our team of consultants assure dedication and professionalism in all the recruitment and selection process. Recruiting highly specialized professionals capable of complying with all your demands is our mission. From Researchers, Engineers, Pharmacists or Lab technicians, our team is available to help.