Preserve our obligations with the client, collaborators and institutions, respecting the Labour Legislations, and shape our conduct according to the principles approved by the International Labour Organization.


Guarantee a continuous commitment through the predetermined quality patterns and norms demanded.


Always innovate the practices and procedures, to gain a continuous improvement.

Respect and Dignity

Guarantee and respect the dignity of the Human Being considering the integrity and the good name of the involved parts, by rejecting each and every type of precarious labour.


Follow a global understanding and a subsequent achievement of needs and expectations of both our clients and collaborators.


No excuses! Value the individual and delegate. Everyone is responsible for their actions within the organization, working together to obtain common goals.

Privacy and Security

Guarantee that all information and personal data will be exclusively used for Grupo Epalmo’s processing procedures in accordance to the present legislation.


Always seek new challenges, markets and opportunities, taking into consideration the Environment with a logical and active social involvement.


Responsibility in our work, procedures and environment. Working to be as efficient as we can, taking into consideration the Environment and keeping an active social involvement.