Following the quick growth of the market and its political empathy with the client, new companies were created, in order to give suitable answers to the demands.

Subsequently, Grupo Epalmo participated in important works and constructions in Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Algeria, Dubai, Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, Angola, Congo, UAE, Cape Verde, Canada, USA, Brazil, etc., participating in projects such as Luanda’s Refinery, Angola LNG, FARM Project, DALIA Project, ROSA LÍRIO Project, KWANDA PORT Project, AMBRIZ Project; Kárahnjúkar Hydro Electrical Plant; LNG ZEEBRUGE Project; TCHAD / CAMERON Project; AFRICAN / CARIBE Project; FS-FST Project; AKPO Project; SPC Project; Saint-Nazaire Shipyards ( Chantier Atlantique) with the construction of more than 17 ships, including Queen Mary Cruise, etc.